If your're short on time, here's the basics:
Dan is unquestionably the most experienced of the three candidates, both in his overall International business experience and legislative advocacy since 2006.
  • Dan's family roots in Connecticut are broad and deep, dating to the 1870s; 
  • Turning 55 in March, Dan returned to Connecticut in 1992 after 8 years in/around Boston;
  • 30+ year successful and distinguished career in technology industry;
    • Recognized expert and award-winning author and public speaker;
    • Executive-level negotiations with hundreds of the worlds leading technology companies, including 10 years of managing partner relations with Microsoft and Bill Gates;
  • Extensive business travel throughout North America, Europe, U.K., and Australia has given Dan a great International perspective, one he would have never had if he had merely stayed "home";
  • Although not an attorney, Dan is well versed in our state and federal court systems, rules, and the problems arising from public contact with them at all levels;
  • Dan is an unaffiliated voter, but has proven for over a decade that he can work, has worked, and earned the respect from members of the House and Senate on both sides;
    • Several leading legislators, from both parties, and judges, have publicly praised Dan for his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and advocacy;
  • Dan is not only ready to start TODAY, he has already participated in this legislative session by giving public testimony at two hearings (in one case, a week before declaring his Senate candidacy);
  • Unlike Dan's major-party opponents who are reluctant to write about or discuss details on key issues, Dan has provided extensive detail so that you, the voters, could be informed.   

If you have more time, here's further detail:
Why should I vote for Dan Lynch to be my State Senator?

We all like to be liked, but this isn't (or shouldn't be) a popularity contest. It also shouldn't be about who is connected enough to raise the most money in an attempt to buy the open seat. It's an important decision about who YOU believe would best represent your voice in Hartford, day in and day out. Who you believe can and will represent you in a general sense, even if you're not actively involved or interested in "politics." Even more important, who you believe can and will listen and best represent your interests when you find yourself facing an issue of concern, one that may have impacted you, your family or your neighbors . . . something that finally had you pick up a phone or sit at your computer and seek out the name of your legislators because you need their help.
THAT is the time when your decision will matter most to you.

In my view, most people are not looking to elect politicians — they are looking to elect legislators. There is a subtle, yet important difference. Whether representing 1,000 people in a small town or 100,000 people in a district, good legislators should be accessible, proactive, willing to listen, and should be able to convey the core message to others in a way that it will be understood and acted upon. There are many characteristics to look for in a good legislator:
  • Good legislators will be dogged, but respectful in their pursuit of legislative issues on your behalf (and on behalf of all their constituents). 
  • Good legislators will not stop advocating merely because there may be opposition or because the session ended without resolution . . . they will find ways to push on. 
  • Good legislators will keep at it and they will keep you informed.
  • Good legislators will put your needs and your views above those of their party, willing to break party lines if needed to secure legislative change consistent with your needs.
  • Good legislators will invite you to be part of the legislative process, perhaps inviting you to Hartford or elsewhere to attend or participate at a public hearing or on a task force. After all, what better way to have YOUR voice heard, than to be the one speaking before other legislators and answering their questions directly, rather than through anyone, no matter how qualified they may be.
  • Good legislators will reach out to others from around the district and around the state to better understand for themselves if your issues are localized or if there is a much wider audience impacted by and/or wrestling with the same issue(s).
  • Good legislators will work with their colleagues in the General Assembly (nearly 200 of them) to advocate on your behalf — and when I say colleagues, I don't mean just the ones with the same party affiliation, but more importantly those from the opposing party who may feel pressure from their party leadership to vote in opposition to the matter(s) important to you. As an unaffiliated candidate (and an unaffiliated voter my entire life), I can assure you this will be far easier for me.   
If you get the idea that the list above could go on and on, you're absolutely correct, but I think that gives you the picture of how I view the job of State Senator.

I have already demonstrated that I have all those characteristics — and many more. My biography on this site, a mix of both personal and professional data, is an attempt to summarize 54+ years since I was born. Yikes, has it been that long? If you are reading and have questions, please give me a call or send me an email or text. I've made some mistakes along the way in my life, but as I tell my daughters, mistakes will happen, just be sure you apologize when necessary, learn from the experience, and do everything within your power to avoid repeating the same steps that may have led to that mistake.

If you support me with your vote, and encourage others to do the same, I can assure you of three things without question:

1) As an unaffiliated voter, I am not beholden to any party leadership, red or blue, pressuring or directing how I should vote on any issues that will come before the Senate for a vote. The Constitution of the United States, State of Connecticut, and people of the 32nd District that will determine how I vote;

2) As a candidate who has not accepted special interest or State campaign funding, I will not feel the slightest bit of influence to donors. Yes, that certainly makes my job of campaigning to win this Senate seat that much harder, but I think you deserve that peace of mind;

3) The voice I bring to Hartford as your State Senator will be yours. Yours, as well as your families, friends and neighbors living throughout the district!

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  1. I believe that Dan Lynch is for the people for the people to have and maintain a good life in the state of CT.

  2. Dan Lynch is an exceptionally intelligent man of honor, integrity and charity whom I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with in matters of community interest over the past 5 years.- Colleen Kerwick, Esq.