WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2017  (6:00am - 8:00pm)

WHO: There are three (3) candidates vying for this vacant Senate seat:
 > Daniel M. Lynch (Unaffiliated, Petitioning Candidate)
 > Gregory J. Cava (Democratic, Major Party Candidate)
 > Eric C. Berthel (Republican, Major Party Candidate)

WHERE: Senatorial District 32 includes all or parts of 10 Connecticut towns. While seven towns have just one polling location, the more populous towns of Seymour, Southbury, and Watertown (including Oakville) have more than one polling location, based on street address. Note that not every resident of Middlebury or Seymour is eligible to vote in this Special Election, only those living within the 32nd Senatorial District. The town names below are linked directly to the respective town web sites for your convenience, in the event you may have questions specific to your town.

Bethlehem 36 Main Street South (Town Hall)
Bridgewater 132 Hut Hill Road (Senior Center)
Middlebury 1172 Whittemore Road (Shepardson Community Center)
Oxford 30 Great Oak Road (Quaker Farms School)
Roxbury 29 North Street (Town Hall)
Seymour #1 - 51 Skokorat Street (Chatfield-LoPresti Elementary School)
#2 - 20 Pine Street (Seymour Community Services)
Southbury #1 - 461 Main Street South (Firehouse)
#2 - 100 Poverty Road (Southbury Public Library)
#3 - 561 Main Street South (Senior Center/Parks & Rec)
Washington 2 Bryan Hall Plaza (Town Hall)
Watertown #1 - 61 Echo Lake Road (Heminway Municipal Center)
#2 - 124 Hamilton Lane (Judson Elementary School)
#3 - 250 Colonial St, Oakville (Swift Middle School)
#4 - 437 Buckingham Street, Oakville (Polk School)
Woodbury 265 Main Street South (Senior Center/Community Center)

WHY: On Jan. 4, 2017, 32nd District State Senator, Republican Rob Kane, re-elected on Nov. 8, 2016, resigned minutes before being sworn in for the new 2017-2018 legislative session. His resignation was part of a deal struck with Democratic State Senator Eric Coleman, 2nd District, to preserve the balance of power in our state Senate. The Hartford Courant and other papers discuss the joint resignation in detail

IMPORTANCE: Following the November elections, the Connecticut State Senate was evenly balanced for the first time in 125 years, 18 Democrats, 18 Republicans for a total of 36 in all. Each Senator represents approximately 100,000 people, with the total population of our state at 3.6 million.

DISTRICT AFFILIATION: While the voters from the towns of the current 32nd District have not sent a Democrat to Hartford since 1891 (Charles P. Lyman, Washington), it is not the Republicans that have a majority share among registered voters, it is the UNAFFILIATED voters (some still use the term 'Independent') that make up the dominant group. District-wide, 44% are Unaffiliated. Republicans are 29% and Democrats just under 26%.

SPECIAL NOTE: Residents of the 32nd District have not had any Senate representation since the legislative session started on January 4th. Candidate Eric Berthel is currently serving in the House of Representatives, representing the towns of Watertown and Woodbury. If he were to win this Special Election for the Senate seat, his resignation in the house would then trigger yet another Special Election for his vacated House seat, likely to occur on the last Tuesday of April or the first Tuesday of May. That would leave the residents of Watertown and Woodbury without a voice in the House, and therefore nearly an entire legislative session with half-representation. If Berthel is not elected to the Senate seat, he retains his House seat and continues to serve his existing towns without any interruption or further elections.