As a voter, my view of an elected official was never to find someone “just like me” and then cast my vote. I don’t believe that any one candidate for any office, State Senate or otherwise, can be fully knowledgeable or expert about every issue that comes before them. That is why the members of our eclectic General Assembly have such robust debates in Committee and on the floor of the House and Senate. That is also why the job of a legislator is to listen and learn from those concerned or impacted within their respective districts. 

My own life circumstances, good and bad, have shaped my personal views and beliefs, just as your unique circumstances have shaped yours. While we may have similarities, none of us are exactly alike. I have also found that, over time, as I have been exposed to different people, cultures, and challenges well beyond the borders of our state, my own views on many issues have evolved based on further knowledge and learning.

When elected as your State Senator, I will certainly still have my views, but I also recognize that your vote for me does not mean you surrender your views or your voice. In fact, I hope it is quite the opposite – I will want to hear from you, learn from you, and work with you for more effective advocacy in Hartford. When spoken in Hartford, my voice will not be for my singular views, but rather the collective views and preferences expressed by all the families, individuals, and businesses in the 32nd District. I fully expect to listen, learn, and to advocate for my constituents, regardless of what my own personal views on any one topic may be. 

The list below is not all-inclusive, nor are issues listed in any particular order of priority. This is a Special Election with a very short calendar for voters to consider their choice. I’m doing my best to share, in an open and honest fashion, my views on important topics asked by many during the time when I was collecting petition signatures. Please consider not only my views, but also my willingness to share them, rather than to remain silent as so many do in hopes of being perceived as neutral. Click on a link below for a more in-depth overview on a given topic:

If there is a particular issue you are interested in, but don’t see listed here, please call me at 203.520.2020 to discuss, by phone or in person. Even if our thoughts are not aligned, I’m certain we can have a productive and respectful discussion. To the extent that you have expertise in a subject area for which I have limited personal experience, you may help me better understand your point of view, helping me respond to legislative challenges in the future.

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