A somewhat random collection collection of fun photographs from different aspects of Dan's life, many taken in or around the 32nd District. For those of you who may have pictures of Dan from the 1970s or 80s, he's hoping you might somehow misplace that photo album! ;-) Thanks.

Just a few of the crew from the Litchfield Hills Rowing Club. This was the 2017 New Year's Day sprint race on the Housatonic River (Oxford / Seymour), hosted by the New Haven Rowing Club. A wonderful tradition bringing clubs together from around the state to celebrate the new year.
From back left, Jack Ewing (Washington), Dan Lynch (Middlebury), John Ewing (Washington), Mike Kelly (Goshen), Rick Dyer (Watertown), Annie Hermans (Washington/Watertown), Amy Dyer (Washington), Anne Kelly (Goshen), Mary Ewing (Washington), Gail Zaharek (Harwinton), Sue Edelstein (New Milford).

RAGNAR Cape Cod (May 2013) - Dan with a great group of friends from Southbury, posing at the end of Elk Drive before heading to the Cape for a 200-mile, 24-hour relay race from Nantasket Beach in Hull to Provincetown. 

Not a view many have been lucky enough to have, looking northeast from inside the clock face at Waterbury's Union Station Clock Tower. The Immaculate Conception is visible in the upper right corner of this image.

Another fun view from the top of the Clock Tower in downtown Waterbury. Yes, we were there when the bell rang, and I'm just glad we were there at 1:00 p.m. and not noon - it was loud!!!

November 2007 - Dan  and his dad, Bernie Lynch, after climbing the inside spiral stairs of the Clock Tower to photograph the City of Waterbury. A wonderful memory with my dad. Thanks once again, Mr. Pape! Oh, and you were right, we should have worn a coat, it was much colder up there than we thought for mid-November. 

I know exactly where this is, but I'll not spoil the fun . . . who recognizes this beautiful view, one of just many found along the roads of the 32nd Senatorial District. No, I'm not giving any hints, not even the town.

Dan learning to Scull in a single on Litchfield's Bantam Lake (2016)

Dan first gave public testimony in 2006 at the Legislative Office Building on issues relating to access to public records, most notable the birth, marriage, and death records that are so critical for anyone doing family history research (whether as a hobbyist, professional or merely someone seeking to better understand their family health history). Since 2008, Dan has been a tireless advocate for family rights and the need for openness, accountability, and court reform. You can follow this link to view Dan's most recent testimony from January 11, 2017. This testimony at a public hearing before the Joint Committee on Judiciary demonstrates Dan's willingness to take on even the most sensitive issues, risking continued retaliation by the very judicial system he seeks to help reform.  

Scenes like this are common throughout District 32 and help define the beautiful character of the region. Many are working farms which have been in operation for generations in the same family. 

Members of the Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Master's Mens 50-59, compete at the Head of the Charles Regatta (Cambridge/Boston). From left, John Ewing (Washington), Mike Kelly (Goshen), Pete Donohue (Bantam), Dan Lynch (Middlebury), and coxswain Hannah Cashin (former cox from Cornell). The essence of teamwork!

Having seen and photographed many state capitol buildings, Dan is of the opinion that Connecticut's is certainly among the most beautiful and historic of the group.

You might not be able to read all three panels - but they say 'Knowledge' - 'History' - 'Justice' - and represent the Connecticut State Library, Connecticut State Museum, and Connecticut Supreme Court. As a genealogists, Dan always wants everyone to know that the archives are wonderful for research and the staff are even better! Connect with your family's history . . . pay a visit to this beautiful library, museum, and courthouse.

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