Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I just received a text message from my younger daughter, offering me some words of encouragement from her vantage point in Columbia, South Carolina (Junior year at U of SC). She and I exchange links to songs on occasion, and her message reminded me of a long-time favorite from Bill Withers. I was just 10 when this song was released in 1972, but I'm now reminded that his lyrics are about ADVOCACY, about the need to lean on others at times in our lives.

As I run for State Senate for the surrounding towns that our state calls "District 32," I'll make the same offer that Bill Withers did years ago . . . lean on me . . . it would be my honor. Give the song a listen, it's just over 4 minutes long, keep doing your thing, but listen to the words. We could all use this reminder on occasion.