Monday, February 6, 2017

Record Volume of Emails Following Petitioning Process

While the feedback I've received during this run for State Senate has been amazing, I must admit to being a bit surprised by the volume of email I've received, mostly from people I've never met.

Today, I received 4,629 emails! Yes, you read that correctly. My heart skipped a few beats as I saw them streaming into my inbox. At the same time, I was on the phone with a woman who called for guidance on an issue relating to disability discrimination she has experienced in trying to access the services, programs and activities of our state courts. If I'm a bit slow to respond, please forgive me. I don't have a legislative aid, a campaign committee, or advisors . . . it's just me and a few trusted and very smart friends. Oh, and the nearly 68,000 voters of the 32nd District!