Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unaffiliated Voters Deserve a Color Too!

I've learned a lot since Rob Kane resigned his 32nd District State Senate seat on January 4, 2017. One thing I never knew was how or why the colors red and blue had come to visually define the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, on the various maps reporting election results. As you might expect a professional genealogists to do, I researched the topic and created a short page (with interesting video). Use this link to learn about why red and blue colors are used.

What about us UNAFFILIATED VOTERS? Don't we deserve a color too? SURE we do . . . we make up the dominant portion of registered voters in this district (more than 44%), far outpacing the red (28%) or blue (25%). So, with that in mind, I've decided to declare GOLD (ok, well, yellow) as our color from this point forward. At least as far as this 2017 Connecticut Special Election is concerned. It's easily distinguished from red or blue, it's highly visible (which is why yellow and black are chosen for most school buses), and the fact that Dan's college alma mater, Bryant College — now Bryant University — is black and gold didn't hurt either.