Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Joint Senate Resignations Evidence of Politics as Usual

As the Connecticut Mirror and other  media have reported, two long-time Connecticut State Senators have resigned their seat, just minutes before the swearing in ceremony for the new legislative session, and only 57 days after each had won re-election in their Senatorial District.

Rob Kane from the 32nd District is a Republican, and Eric Coleman from the 2nd District is a Democrat. Their joint resignations were reportedly worked out by agreement the night before, thereby preserving the evenly balanced makeup of our State Senate, something that hasn't happened in 125 years.

If you're thinking something doesn't smell quite right, you're not alone. We'll have to watch in the days ahead to learn what story will be fed to the public, but in this writers opinion, it's politics as usual. Likely some back room deal and promises to each of the two for being long-time loyal soldiers for their respective political party. 

The most insulting thing to voters of our state, in my opinion, is the fact that our elected officials can play games like this, assuming we are blind to what is going on and that they will merely retain the seats that they apparently believe already belong to them. Even the CT Mirror seemed to echo this sentimenet, "The seats are almost certain to be retained by their current parties in special elections."

Well, news flash to all those in Hartford, we are watching, we are aware, and we are not happy.

After all, the term UNAFFILIATED means just that.
It does NOT mean Uninformed.
It does NOT mean Uninterested.
It does NOT mean Uneducated.


The PEOPLE will now decide who they want to fill that seat for the balance of this term now underway.