Thursday, February 2, 2017

Senate Campaign Efforts Falling Into Place

When things click into place as they have since I declared my candidacy on Tuesday, the 17th of January, it is such a supportive feeling that this is all meant to be. That's not to say I've not hit a few speed bumps or potholes along the way, because I have, yet I've been able to navigate these obstacles with the help of far too many people to name here. 

The first few pieces of printed campaign material are now complete. As I shared on Facebook earlier today, I'm so thankful for decades of experience in product marketing because much of this activity is just 'muscle memory.' My mind and body not even having to think about things, just do what I've been doing for many years . . . only in this case, the 'product' is me and my own experience.

Here's just one image of the front side of a 5-inch by 7-inch postcard. This and other items can be previewed at a page dedicated to campaign marketing material.

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