Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Republican-American Letter to the Editor

I submitted a Letter to the Editor earlier today, but didn't realize they have an understandable policy of not running such letters submitted by candidates for public office. My sentiments were important enough that I thought I'd share them on this post. Feel free to share a link with others so they can also receive my thanks.

25 January 2017 

Republican American 
Letter to the Editor 
389 Meadow Street 
Waterbury, CT 06712 

To the Editor: 

I am writing to thank you for your coverage, past and future, of the upcoming Special Election for the State Senate, 32nd District seat which impacts readers in Greater Waterbury and beyond, but also to thank the many residents in this area. 

Since the moment I publicly declared my intent to pursue the Connecticut State Senate seat as a petitioning candidate, I have been overwhelmed by the show of public support for my efforts, specifically because I am running as an unaffiliated voter. That support came from many who already knew of my efforts by reading the article which first appeared on your Web site on January 17, 2017, and then in your newspaper the following morning. 

The process to secure a spot on the ballot is a daunting one, especially for a special election which has such a tight calendar. In this day and age of identity theft and fraud virtually everywhere we turn, to be asking individuals to sign my petition, providing me with their signature, full name, date of birth and street address was no short order. The fact that so many trusted me, based on little more than eye-contact and a 30-second conversation – and a copy of your newspaper article in hand – means more to me than any of those signers will realize. 

I especially appreciate the fact that some openly shared that they would be voting for my opponents, and in one case had donated to support an opponent in this very special election, but yet they still believed in the open process and that I should have a chance to be considered by voters throughout the district. This speaks volumes for those individuals, and the amazing process we have to truly impact change in our country. 

I’m mindful of your rules which only allow me to submit one Letter to the Editor every 30 days, but have decided to send this today. As I type, it is before noon on Wednesday, and I still do not have confirmation from the Secretary of the State as to whether the names submitted on my nominating petition sheets will yield a sufficient number of valid, confirmed names of registered voters from within the district. My thanks, therefore, is to all those who I met during the last week, regardless of the outcome of my petitioning efforts. 

It was a humbling experience, and I extend my most sincere thanks to all those who supported my efforts – those who signed; those who took time to listen even if they refused to sign; the business owners who allowed me to share their space and their loyal customers; the friends who helped as petition circulators, as well as those who offered support through social media and otherwise. 

My willingness to participate in our political process, as an unaffiliated voter, has already rewarded me with an experience of a lifetime. 

Daniel M. Lynch

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